What is your ROI for life?

CEOs are in charge of making strategic decisions to build success in corporations. One of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure CEO’s performance is Return On Investment (ROI) with regards to long-term investments on the sustainable success of the company. There is nobody more qualified than you to serve as the CEO of your life. How do you define success for your life? What are the experiential outcomes of your success? Are satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness included in your experiential outcomes for success? What other experiential outcomes would you include to define your success? How do you measure success for your life? As the CEO, you are in charge of your own success and happiness in life. Can you measure and increase your happiness at will? What is your ROI for life?

Our current culture and society stereo-typically define success as a terminal destination measured by materialistic metrics. This brainwashes us to believe that once we have acquired “X” amount of money, “The job”, “The house”, and “The car”, you will magically be happy. Research data and anecdotal evidence clearly demonstrate that money does not guarantee happiness. True happiness is not that easy to define nor acquire, regardless of how it is portrayed on social media. If we desire satisfaction, fulfillment, happiness, and other experiential outcomes of success, we should be able to objectively define them, analytically measure them, and intentionally work to increase them. We should not simply hope to stumble upon satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness to achieve success in life.


Inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I developed a unique framework in defining success and measuring the experiential outcomes of success such as satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness. This construct clearly identifies and distinguishes the “Needs” and “Aspirations” to build functional equations to achieve the experiential outcomes of success intentionally. A universal unit of measure is applied to this construct for tracking and measurement. Time is our most valuable asset in life. We all have equal access to 24 hours a day, do not know how much of it we have in supply, and we cannot buy more of it.

Unfortunately, we are not always in command of how we spend our time. We typically use our calendar to keep track of the things we have to do for our work in the future. We rarely schedule things we want to do on our calendar and almost never use it as a reflection tool to how we spent last week, month, or year. Assuming you sleep 8 hours a day and work 8 hours a day, an average of 45% of your time goes unaccounted for. Most of us would be outraged if 45% our money is unaccounted for and yet 45% of our most valuable asset is slipping through our fingers constantly.

If you would like to intentionally invest your time in creating the experiential outcomes of success such as satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness based on your own definition, keep track of it, and methodically increase it over time, please follow the following steps:

  1. Define “Success” in your own term. Please be precise in identifying experiential outcomes of “Success” e.g. Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Happiness, etc…

  2. What are the components to achieve each experiential outcome defined as your Success? E.g. people, environment, activity, occasion, etc…

  3. What are the equational combinations of these components to create achieve each experiential outcome or evidence defined as your Success? e.g. Happiness = (Activity + People + Environment) X Time

  4. Create a Google calendar account. (Currently, the pilot version of our web app only supports Google calendar. More calendar apps will be supported in the near future)

  5. Create a hashtag to represent each experiential outcome defined as your Success. e.g. #HP = Happiness, #FF = Fulfillment, #SF = Satisfaction, etc…

  6. Schedule an experiential outcome on your calendar using the usual calendar input details and the hashtag you created. e.g. Saturday, 4/22/2019, from 10 am – 5 pm, Estes Park, CO, Family weekend trip #HP (Please leave a space between the activity and hashtag for proper tracking)

  7. Sign up for a complimentary account on www.theliferoi.com

  8. Follow the steps to allow the hashtags you created on Google calendar to automatically be imported into your account on www.theliferoi.com for an up-to-date dashboard of how you are intentionally investing your time for the experiential outcomes of your success.

  9. Use the monthly, quarterly, and yearly dashboard report to reflect on your allocation of your time and refine how you may best invest your most valuable asset to intentionally increase your experiential outcomes of your success in life.

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