What is your ROI for life?

CEOs are in charge of making strategic decisions to build success in corporations. One of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure CEO’s performance is Return On Investment (ROI) with regards to long-term investments on the sustainable success of the company. There is nobody more qualified than you to serve as the CEO of your life. How do you define success for your life?

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In a world of materialistic and financial driven definitions of success, have you ever wondered or struggled with your own definition of success in your life? We have been conditioned to believe that success is mainly achieved through how much money we make, what we bought with that money, how big your job title is, or how much authority comes with your job title. Is that all there is in life?

Is that all you are, a dollar amount? Chief Whatever Officer, in charge of so many people?

Is your life measured by your annual earnings and number of resources you manage?

What should be the definition of success in life?

What should be the definition of success in YOUR life?

How would you define YOUR success in life?

I am not talking about the catchy phrases or the trendy term of the month you may have read about, seen on a TED Talk, or heard about on a popular podcast. I am talking about what YOU mean by success in YOUR LIFE?

I invite you to discover, define, analyze, strategize, practice, and measure what you would like to achieve in life. Your own definition, metric, and plan to intentionally increase a higher ROI in your life.

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